Choose true friends_选择真正的朋友

时间:2022-05-03 10:35:27 高中英语作文 我要投稿

  We all came to this world alone. Facing the uncertain future, we need not only the guidance of parents and teachers, but also the friends who can support each other and move forward. However, can everyone become our real good friends? If you have a friend, happy things, he shares with you; Sad things, he shared for you; He gives you encouragement when you are discouraged. When lonely, he gives you warmth……Needless to say, he must be your real friend. If you have a friend, you can drink together, have fun together and call each other brothers. However, there is no equal treatment and sincere communication between each other, and even there is another purpose, so you can be sure that he is not your true friend and is not worth your sincere efforts. Good friends can encourage us to go forward and benefit us immensely. Improper friends may bring us many bad habits and may make us regret for life. When we grow up, we inevitably care about what others think of us. We are most afraid that our friends will not accept us and make us lonely. Therefore, sometimes in order to gain recognition, we may deliberately cater to the habits and needs of our friends. Therefore, we must choose our friends carefully so as not to be used by people with ulterior motives.